Wednesday, July 24, 2024

Escaped In USA: Cruise Ship Crew Gambia On A Man Haunt For Jamanty Sanneh

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By Dawda Baldeh

Cruise Ship Crew Gambia is on a man haunt for Jamanty Sanneh, a young Gambian and native of Kwinella in the Lower River Region who travelled to the United States of America (USA) to work as a Crew member under the support of Cruise Ship Crew Gambia.

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Jamanty Sanneh is said to have escaped from the company upon arrival in the United States and the company has been looking for him.

The Cruise Ship Crew Gambia is a company that recruit young Gambian to work as crew members in their Ships and the company also offers skills training to young people who after will employ by the company. The company employs cooks, laundry attendants, cleaners…among other areas.

In a Facebook post, the company says: “we are searching for Jamanty Sanneh and we appeal to Gambians both home and abroad to help us find Jamanty Sanneh so he can be deported back home.”

Jamanty Sanneh is from Kwinella, Kiang Central and was said to have been recruited by Cruise Ship Crew Gambia to work onboard a cruise ship in the United States of America.

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The statement further stated that it is an opportunity Cruise Ship Crew Gambia offers to Gambians. “Once a crew is given a job, the company sends them ticket to join their ships in various parts of the world.”

According to the Crew, Jamanty Sanneh left the Gambia for New York on Wednesday 19th January 2022 onboard an Air Portugal flight, but he is currently said to be at large in New York, thereby jeopardizing chances of thousands of Gambians who are waiting to go.

The Crew disclosed that there is a handsome reward for anyone who would help in finding Jamanty, urged Gambians to desist from such acts noting that it will jeopardize the chances of many people to secure similar opportunities.

As unemployment continues to be challenging, Cruise Ship Crew Gambia is recruiting young people to be employed as crew workers.

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