The government has indicated that it is looking into the truth and reconciliation mechanism as a means of handling past injustices. Parallel to this charges are already being preferred against security operatives of the past regime and measures are being taken for them to be put on trial.

This creates two different approaches in handling the challenges of providing justice to victims. The question that many people are asking is whether all members of the government are operating in accordance with the same meter band.

Some of the people being indicted are out of the jurisdiction. It is not clear whether investigations have been done regarding the issue of extradition. In many cases countries are skeptical to deport people to countries where they may face prosecution.

Uncertainty is now creeping in as to what is meant by transitional justice. A lot of hope has been given that the government will speak with one voice in dealing with the challenges of the past. Unfortunately while some members of the government are talking about truth and reconciliation others are going on with normal court processes. We hope that the alarm bell will be heard by all members of the government and efforts will be made to ensure that the members of the government will speak and act in unison.

Source: Foroya