The Fatu Network has uncovered yet another dangerous plan by Dictator Yahya Jammeh. This other one is hatched against unsuspecting Gambians based in the diaspora who annually go back home on holidays to reunite with their family and loved ones.


For the past nine months, the lonely dictator through his scoundrel National Intelligence Agency (NIA) has been compiling a database on Gambians living in the diaspora which it believes are those bent on destabilising the country or those engage in activities aimed at discrediting the government overseas. This list is distributed to immigration officers, the police and NIA personnel posted at all entry points of The Gambia including the Banjul International Airport.




The list which our credible sources on the ground have promised to provide to us, shows yet undeterred determination and the length at which the Dictator Jammeh and his isolated government wants to go in inflicting more harm on the already traumatised and brutalised populace.


Recent travellers have been narrating the unusually long process it now takes to pass through immigration desk at the airport where screening officers consult through all kinds of lists before an entry stamp is put on your passport.




Unknown to many of these home comers however is the treacherous plans hatched by the dictator against Gambians in the diaspora. The list of supposed “enemies of The Gambia” is divided into three different categories: the first category is those tagged “open opposition party supporters” and this group is classified as “not dangerous” since all what they do is to raise funds, support and propagate the ideals of their respective parties…although the NIA memo clearly says they should be tracked. This category of people can come back home and they need to watch their back because the NIA would be tracking their movement and activity while in the Gambia according to our credible source.


The second category of described as “enemies of The Gambia” are those the NIA tagged as “engaging in unrelented propaganda” spreading falsehood against The Gambia government and its officials most particularly the President of the Republic, his Cabinet Ministers and his immediate family. Those names listed in this particular group and seen by our credible sources are online media journalists and their regular guests, anti-government bloggers, prominent Facebook users and Twitterites hostile to the “supreme national interest” of The Gambia, former senior government officials who after fleeing the country would be talking to the online media revealing state secrets, asylum seekers who the regime accuses of using false claims just to get asylum, suspected homosexuals who have fled the country but are talking to pressure groups to put pressure on the government, heads and prominent members of international human rights organisations who the NIA described in their memo as “taking a hostile and belligerent approach” against The Gambia government.




According to our sources, anyone whose name is this second list should be immediately arrested and integrated at the point of entry before being handed over to the NIA. The instruction from the dictator’s own office is that this category of people should be charged under the false information act and brought before the courts depending on the severity of your case and the evidence compiled against you.




The third category of people are those tagged “severest.” The people listed in this group are those the regime referred to as “saboteurs.” They include former soldiers that it is believed are being used to destabilise The Gambia, alleged coup plotters, security forces (soldiers in particular) who have abandoned their force and fled to overseas, prominent Gambians based in the diaspora who are accused of scouting funding for dissident groups to attack The Gambia, other Gambians and unspecified number of non-Gambians who are lobbying foreign governments to put different kinds of sanctions on The Gambia.


The NIA memo on the third category of people is explicit that this category once spotted anywhere in The Gambia should be arrested and handed over to the Kanilai squadron. In one of the files marked FYEO (For Your Eye Only), which one of our credible sources happened to see, says that every effort should be done to not only track the third category of people, but that the Eternal Security Division of the NIA “should work with our friendly partners in the region to counter and or stop this group listed in number three by any means necessary” including inducement and something our source said is encircled in black ink but which is not legible.




Apparently the NIA and other security branches tasked to carry out this dastardly treacherous act against innocent Gambians have already been posted at the various entry points across the country. Currently at the Banjul International Airport, most of the coach drivers are now intelligence officers, in addition to a large number of plainclothes military intelligence officers who mingle in the crowd at the airport. A special detention facility has been created at the old terminal at the Banjul International Airport where suspects are to be processed before being handed over to the relevant security agencies.


The Fatu Network will continue to follow this rather interesting developing story that is meant to harm perceived enemies of The Gambia government.