Ever since July 22nd 1994, haa, that dastardly accidental embarrassing event in our country’s history, when a section of the Gambia’s armed forces stroke a crushing torpedo on our flourishing democracy, imperfect as it were, we have been observing with keen interest, a growing line-up of self-serving gold diggers crawling before a rather dejected and disconsolate leader all in the name of polishing his brushed image to the unsuspecting audience.

And it does not matter who and what type of audience they’re spewing their propaganda to so long the targets have the energy to listen.

The chorus, notwithstanding its boring content, were and are still carefully designed to depict a situation of hope, happiness, progress and normality. But in reality the cherished choir singers and directors always crash head-on even before they land because they always have to lie so hard to fake a situation of catastrophic proportion that the Gambia finds itself in. But the dictator, who we all know is the chief architect of such self-ballooning image building projects, even though is ever scared to be seen to be directly associated with them, is never deterred to paint an image that is otherwise him.

If it is not an award of a new Doctorate Decree from a fake institution of learning, it will be a rather bizarre title added to his long lists of names that have now become imbecilic of our nation state and to the personality of the president himself.

And the people spearheading these projects all have one thing in common: line-up their pockets with our public loot through material adventurism with the utmost of disregard to our plight….in fact to them our plight never matters.

They range from big names in Nollywood; the cockroaches, the fetish and starved musicians; the religious fundamentalists and the willfully ignorant (to borrow a quote from Ousainou Mbenga); and now we have seen the maggots in the types of Becai Mbayi who think that Gambian blood and tears are less significant so long their breads are buttered by our President’s dirty money.

Hey Gambians have blood running in our veins and we feel pain too. So to Senegal’s 2SS TV presenter Becai Mbayi who insulted the dignity of Gambians in an interview this week, we say: if you are a door mat, allow Jammeh to trample and roll on and over you but leave us alone because this fight that we are engaged in with Jammeh is legitimate and we shall uncompromisingly pursue it to the very end.