By Omar Wally

Retired Lieutenant Colonel Lamin Gano, has said that The Gambia Armed Forces’ professionalism averted bloodbath during the political impasse in The Gambia.

Gano said 99.9 percent of soldiers joined Gambia Armed Forces (GAF) to serve the country, that was what they have been doing during Jammeh’s time.

He added that during the transition period, they all folded their hands, that was why Gambia didn’t plunge into bloodbath; it was as a result of the professionalism of the Armed Forces.

“All Gambians owe gratitude to that 99.9 percent of GAF and we need to thank them for the restraint.”

Gano who served in The Gambia Armed Forces for 16 years until his retirement in 2013 said he has so much pride, respect and admiration for the serving members of the force.

Gano, a one time Army PRO and Aide de Camp to former President Jammeh, said personnel of The Gambia Armed Forces are among the most professional military you can ever find. ” I have been saying it on my blog and I will continue to say it.”

Gano who now sets up a private security company Frontline Security Services Ltd noted that GAF had a Commander in Chief whose behavior was unfortunate.

However, members of the Armed Forces are professional and can compete with every single military in Africa Gano noted.