Sources have informed Fatu Network that Gambia’s President, Yahya Jammeh is playing host to a group of Middle Eastern men in Kanilai, whose presence and commute back and forth have raised eyebrows within both his own security network and the Kanilai villagers. We are still trying to determine the exact number but the men who are seen riding bicycles in the evenings in what seem like rehearsal formations, are said to be around a dozen.

Jammeh has recently been intensifying his game of mischief both at home and abroad – there is an escalating border crisis brewing between this small country of 1.9 million people and its much larger neighbor, Senegal – all thanks to his belligerence. There is even a rumor of him securing a jet fighter plane or helicopter gunship (still trying to determine which is true). The rebels fighting against Senegalese forces in that country’s southern region are once again rattling sabers claiming to be demanding for the release of a dead body of a comrade – it has now been confirmed through sources on the ground that Jammeh is the one behind this move, just as he has instigated such actions by the rebels in the past.



So with this latest act of clandestine elements in the midst, there is growing concern among people in The Gambia that Yahya is once again up to no good and that the presence of these men only spells trouble. There is high suspicion on the ground that these men are either mercenaries or brought in to train a clandestine group for either terrorizing the population or to pick a fight with Senegal. There is even one far-fetched theory that with him declaring the Gambia an Islamic State, these men maybe in town to use it for launching an attack against Western interests in the region, especially in Senegal. There has recently been growing concern over terrorism in the region prompting countries like Senegal to beef up security and conduct anti-terrorism raids, especially after bloody attacks by terror groups in Mali, Nigeria, Kenya, Chad, Niger, and most recently, Burkina Faso.

There is said to be a female group too but Fatu Network has been able to establish that those females came from Ethiopia and are possibly being used as sex toys for Jammeh since his rape of young Gambians girls has been exposed and intensely reported by this network.

These are very troubling times in The Gambia. Yahya Jammeh is increasingly becoming a huge headache for not only that country but the entire West Africa region. Gambians both on the ground and in Diaspora are therefore hoping that Senegal will strengthen her resolve in being tough on him; otherwise the ensuing disaster could have serious consequences for all.