“Hi fatu Dictator Jammeh will soon arrest muss savage.do you know he has been moved to kanilai now as kanilai camp commander.the reason the Dictator did this because he doesn’t trust him so he has to move him.i can tell you one thing it’s almost impossible to escape mile 2 .kanilai is a way to mile 2 or you get fired from the army.the history is there for everyone to see.will give you a list of former camp commanders.2006 LT Ebou lo .Kawsu camara bomba jailed.solo bojang jailed.bajinka on the run in the U.S. Lagos fired the list goes on.just wait and see muss savage will soon be killed or jailed i can tell you this for free.”

 The above quote reproduced verbatim was sent by one of President Yahya Jammeh’s most trusted confidants.  If history is any indication, Musa Savage should be very worried about his future, safety and security right now.

Musa Savage is the youngest General in the Gambia Armed Forces. His rapid and sudden rise up the ranks is no surprise to those who have followed the happenings in the current Gambia National Army – loyalty to Jammeh trumps experience, education, bravery, and ability.

Lieutenant Colonel Musa Savage was commanding officer of the 2nd infantry battalion of the Gambia Armed Forces based in Farafenni.  He was promoted to the rank of Brigadier General in June.  He attended two courses funded by the US Department of Defense in May, 2014 at George C. Marshall European Center for Security Studies in Garmisch, Germany.   They were a counter terrorism language program (CTLP) for five weeks, followed by a four-week program on terrorism and security studies (PTSS).  The courses were designed for government officials, military officers, and police administrators currently working in mid and upper level management positions of counter-terrorism organizations throughout the world.  The course enabled Musa to further develop his English language skills, and also provide familiarization with counter-terrorism terminology in preparation for the PTSS.

Shortly after his return to Banjul, a new position was created at The Office of The President for Savage, which made him head of the Counter Terrorism Unit.  This appointment came few weeks before theDecember 30 attacks on State House.

Many do not understand why Savage was at the State House on the night of December 30.  Immediately after the attack, his name surfaced as the chief betrayer who let the insurgents down which led to the killings of Col. Lamin Sanneh, Cpt. Njaga Jagne and Alagie Jaja Nyiass.  According to sources, Savage guaranteed Sanneh a peaceful takeover of the State House, Sanneh even spoke with him 15 minutes prior to the group leaving for the Palace letting him know they are coming.   Savage then laid an ambush for the group, tipped General Saul Badjie, who ran off to Brikama to avoid the confrontation. According to the same sources, Musa broke Modou Njie’s hand, one of the insurgents who was captured during the attacks.  Lamin Sanneh is said to have been the one who saved this same Savage in 2006 when he was arrested and the “Jungulars” tortured him to the point that he was in Coma.

His transfer to Kanilai Camp as commanding officer, according insiders is a trap set by Jammeh to get rid of him.  There, he is stationed among the “Jungulars” who can dispose him off any day they receive the orders.  In the meantime, the cat and mouse game continues.