Honourable Samba Jallow, Minority Leader of the National Assemly has condemned The Gambia Government’s unilateral decission to withdraw from the International Criminal Court ICC. “The best thing the government should have done before the withdrawal is to place it before the National Assembly for a debate”.


Speaking at his office this morning, the Minority Leader said the approached taken by the government was wrong and unfair to the Gambian people. “Its wrong to take a unilateral decission without passing it to the National Assembly”. The Minority Leader said prior to the signing of Rome Statue, the matter was passed to the National Assembly and same approach should be taken for withdrawal.


The government of The Gambia announced on Tuesday that it is withdrawing from the Hague-Based International Criminal Court (ICC), effective, Tuesday, October 25th, 2016, accusing the struggling court of seeking only to prosecute Africans.

The announcement was made in a statement read on national television (GRTS) by Information Minister Sheriff Bojang.

“The Government of the Islamic Republic of The Gambia hereby informs all and sundry, the withdrawal of the Islamic Republic of The Gambia’s Membership of the International Criminal Court,” Information Minister Sheriff Bojang said on state television.

The information minister calls The ICC an ‘international caucasian court’ which he said is only interested in prosecuting and humiliation of people of color especially Africans and their leaders.