Abubakar Tambadou, the Attorney General and Minister of Justice has said during the former government, the judiciary was virtually an arm of the executive.

He was responding to a question from the audience during the state TV GRTS’ FACE OF THE NATION Programme on interference in the Judiciary by government and what is being done to change the trend.

Tambadou said the appointment of Gambian born Hassan Jallow as Chief Justice was a positive step in sanitizing the Judiciary.

“Corruption is a symptom of a deeper problem and unless we tackle the root causes then it will be hard to tackle corruption” he said.

He cited that there is great changes in the judiciary and entire arms of government and democratization process of the country. He said the open forum is testament of the success of the struggle for democratic change.

Asked if the Ministry of Justice do have an observer in court to monitor the running of the courts, Tambadou said there is a presumption of professionalism from the Courts and the judiciary is an independent arm of government.