The Daily Global Watch, an international newspaper is reporting that senior security officials have been arrested In The Gambia and supposedly put under house arrest. The most prominent so far named is General Saul Badjie, a close ally of President Yahya Jammeh. It has to be noted that since last week The Fatu Radio has been inundated with different kinds of information from people claiming to be within the State House who have been reporting about Saul Badgie’s arrest and or disappearance.

Just this morning, Sunday, December 27, 2015, one of our trusted sources has sent us a disturbing note pleading with The Fatu Radio to mount an urgent inquiry on the whereabouts of General Saul Badjie, whom he said has not been seen throughout the festive period neither at The State nor at any of his usual places. The source said this is highly suspect and is causing a lot of rumors and panic even among the soldiers at The State House. Meanwhile, The Fatu Radio is working hard to confirm the veracity of this latest information on the arrest of security chiefs in The Gambia including Gen. Saul Badjie. Below is the link to the story by The Daily Global Watch.