A former lands minister Lamin Wa Juwara has said that he would have been dead if he had refused to work for former president Yahya Jammeh.

Juwara served in various respectable positions in the government of President before he was disgraced in brutal fashion.

Testifying before the TRRC on Wednesday, Juwara said Jammeh was very angry with him at the time and that the only solution was to work for him.

“At the time it was a question of joining or die, because Jammeh was very angry with me for what I stand for. Jammeh thought I accepted him but I never accepted him. It was a question of survival tactic,” he said.

He said him worked under Jammeh doesn’t mean joining him but that he served under Jammeh to save his life and contribute his quota to the development of the country.

He added: “I was not happy sitting in the cabinet with Jammeh, he was dictating everything because he was a dictator. Nobody would be proud of associating with Jammeh. Dictatorship will never be accepted in this country anymore.”

Meanwhile, Lamin Wa Juwara has called for Gambians to forget about the past and reconcile.

“We have to accept what have happened and forgive each other. The country is important than anyone- even Yahya Jammeh, the country is more important than him,” Juwara said.