The Director of Press at the Office of the President, Mrs Amie Bojang Sissoho has said that the First Lady, Fatoumata Bah Barrow’s Foundation is not part of her jurisdiction.

The Presidential Spokesperson who was speaking at a press briefing made these remarks regarding the D33 Million Dalasi deposited to the said Foundation’s bank account by TBEA Company LTD, a Chinese manufacturer of power transformers and a developer of transmission projects. The saga raised eyebrows in the country, especially on social media.

“The First Lady’s Foundation is not part of my jurisdiction,” Madame Bojang Sissoho said.

The State House Press Director further stated that her office is treating the President’s wife as First Lady without having anything to do with her foundation.

“I’m not a member of the First Lady’s Foundation,” she added.

Responding to the D11 Million donation from an anonymous philanthropist to President Barrow, the State House Press Director said the anonymous donor is a genuine person who wants to support the government. She added that some of these anonymous donors made agreements with President Barrow not to reveal their identities.

Despite, the public outcry President Barrow persistently accepted donations from anonymous sources such as the 57 pickup trucks given to the National Assembly including the recent D11 Million Dalasi given to the pilgrims to Mecca.

“The President has assured that his government is committed to transparency,” Madame Bojang Sissoho said.

The State House Press Director also told journalist about plans to set up an Anti-Corruption Commission which she said the President would not have established if he is engaged in corrupt practices.

Madame Bojang Sissoho also informed the press about the appointment of one Lamin Samateh as the head of the six member panel assigned to look into the Social Security saga.

The SSHFC saga has been dragging for the past months after the Managing Director was petitioned by the staff to the Office of the President calling for his removal.The disgruntled staff have yesterday closed the Head Office protesting for the authorities to revoke the suspension of Momodou Camara, a staff representative.

Meanwhile, the Director of Press disapproved the question raised by one of the journalists regarding the alleged views of the SSHFC Staff about the President’s statement on the matter.