The Secretary General of the People Democratic Organisation for Independence and Socialism PDOIS and National Assembly Member for Serrekunda, Honourable Halifa Sallah has challenged anyone who denies the signing of agreement between the coalition stakeholders to a debate on the national television.
Sallah made these challenges at a press conference held at his party secretariat in Churchill Town, Serrekunda.
“Anybody who disagrees with what I am saying, let us go on National TV to engage in a debate,” Honorable Halifa Sallah said.
He added:”I don’t want any outside interviews with this issue anymore.”
The PDOIS Secretary General told journalist that the coalition came as a necessity when they agreed to hold a convention on equity that whoever was selected would resign from his or her party to serve as an independent presidential candidate.
“We must know that without that agreement we will not have had the type of coalition we had,” he asserted.
Halifa Sallah emphasized that he was a presidential candidate for his party when he conveyed a meeting of presidential candidates for them to come up with one candidate because he believed that anyone who rejected the proposals would failed. They invited representatives from the civil society groups. They also invited the independent parliamentarians.
Honourable Sallah went further to explained that they agreed to come together to form a coalition on the 17th October 2016. He also explained that the agreement to participate on equal footing as the person to be elected would be an independent candidate. He disclosed the establishment of various committees including the Good Governance, Democracy and Rule of Law, Voter Education and Campaign Committees among others.
“The agreement was signed and circulated to journalists,” he pointed out.
“I don’t know why leaders are being asked about this again.
The National Assembly Member for Serrekunda said all the seven political parties and independent have signed the coalition agreement. Though, the Secretary General of the United Democratic Party UDP does not signed because he was in jail at the time. It was signed by the party’s National President, Dembo Bojang and Honourable Alhagie S Darboe who is an executive member of the party.
Sallah questioned the reason for bringing up this issue.
“Let us move from history writing to a history making people,” he added.
Secretary General Sallah said there was no need to wait for him to return from Europe to clarify the issues because the Minister of Women Affairs, Honourable Fatoumatta Jallow Tambajang knows everything that needed to be known as she was the chairperson and custodian of the agreement. He added that a manifesto has also being circulated.
Sallah said he does not want to revisit this issue because when the plain is clear there is no need to repeat some things.
“But when others want to turn fiction into history you have to repeat it because the repetition is no longer for those who understand but it is meant for those who prefer not to understand,” he said.
He explained that scientifically when fiction spread unlimitedly it could turn falsehood to take the place of the truth.
Meanwhile, the PDOIS Secretary General said the agreement that brought President Barrow to power was 3 years but it is left to the president to decide whether he respects the agreement.