Honourable Lamin J Sanneh, National Assembly Member for Brikama South, has said that the relationship between The Gambia and China should not be exploitative.

Honourable Sanneh was speaking at the National Assembly during a presentation on the reports of a visit to China by members of the assembly headed by the Speaker of the house, Mrs Mariam Jack Denton.

“We must build a relationship with China that is not exploitative,” Honourable Lamin J Sanneh said.

The Brikama South NAM spoke about the exportation of containers loaded with timber to China which he said is causing serious deforestation in the country. He took a stance to protect the country’s forest from foreign exploitation, urging authorities to look into the cutting of trees.

Honorable Sanneh also spoke on the country’s high dependency on imported foods, saying the river should be properly utilized to build irrigations for all year round production. He emphasized the importance of culture in national development saying that most of the country’s culture is morally inclined.

Honourable Sidia Jatta, NAM for Wuli West gave a brief history of China explaining how they were able to overcome their problems to become a major economic super power. He called on The Gambian authorities to emulate China.

He also spoke about the relationship between the two countries in the past until the 94 Coup when the military regime went into a cheque book relationship with Taiwan.

“We wrongly thought this country does not have resources,” Honourable Sidia Jatta said.

Honourable Jatta called on the authorities to make good use of the land and resources available to developed the country.

The NAM for Busumbala, Honourable Saikouba Jarju who was part of the delegation to China encouraged the government to strengthen ties with China.

Meanwhile, Honourable Saikou Marong of Latrikunda who was also part of the delegation added his voice to called on Gambians to respect and practice their culture.