Gambia’s Ministry of Justice has announced the appointment of one Mr Hussein Thomasi as new Special Advisor to the Attorney General.

This was announced Monday by the Minister of Justice Abubakar Tambedou during a press briefing at the Ministry’s Head office in Banjul.

The Special Adviser’s responsibility will be to provide policy advice on the justice sector reforms envisaged by the Ministry.

As Special Adviser, Mr Thomasi will act as the main Focal Point for all the reform activities of the Ministry including the transitional justice processes.

Mr Thomasi comes with over 25 years experience as counsel. He had served the Ministry since 1987 in various capacities including as State Counsel, Senior State Counsel, Principal State Counsel before he joined the Assets Management Recovery Corporation (AMRC) as a legal adviser in 1994. He subsequently worked for WAMI in Accra, Ghana.