The Gambia’s Solicitor General has made clarifications on the issue of the freezing of former President Yahya Jammeh’s assets.

According to Cherno Marenah, freezing order does not mean confiscation.

Marenah was speaking on Tuesday during the state TV’s FACE THE NATION programme at Ebunjang Theatre.

The interactive live program organized by the state broadcaster GRTS, was a forum to discuss pertinent issues relating to the strategic approach, projects and development of the Ministry. It was also an opportunity for the audience to ask pertinent questions & seek clarifications on matters of public importance.

On the agenda was Constitutional Reforms, the Truth and Reconciliation Commission, corruption within the justice system, backlog of cases among others.

He said the government of the Gambia will cooperate with International organisations and foreign governments to identify the assets of former President Jammeh.

It could be recalled that in May 2017, the government of the Gambia announced it has frozen several assets, bank accounts and properties in the name of Mr Jammeh.

Jammeh ruled the Same for 22 years of absolute dictatorship and corruption. He now lives in exile in Equatorial Guinea after loosing the December 2016 elections in which he refused to step down and was almost forced by a regional force but later averted.