Dear Editor,

In as much as I don’t like the past regime and all that it is associated with, things must be done in a right and professional way.

How can a Government Set up a commission to look into the affairs of the Gateway project and later make a decision to give back a contract and at the 11th hour pulled out of it?

A Government should be decisive and must have a Good direction.

Why Should you write (officially Signed by the Secretary General) to MGI for the immediate reinstatement of the Gateway Contract on of April 11, 2018, and today, April 16, you revoke it?

Serious this Barrow administration is a Joke!!

This is like a Game to me.

They Terminated MGI’s contract on July 7, 2018 and then reinstate it on April, 11 2018 and Terminate it again on April 16, 2018.

Even Nigerian movies are more decisive than The Gambia Government.

To Avoid Such to happen, they do their homework, check all loopholes, do their findings from all angles then make a decision.

But always remember that an executive decision MUST be final.

Concerned Gambian