Credible sources have informed The Fatu Network that Ms Jimbe Jammeh 31, from Bakau has been appointed deputy chief of protocol with immediate effect.


News of the appointment of Jimbi Jammeh came at a time when the dictator is being abandoned by his loyal troops some of whom have been committing heinous crimes on his behalf. Jimbe without exception had been part of that network of serial abusers of innocent Gambians. The only difference though is that Jimbe who pimps for dictator Jammeh is not new to humiliation and abuse by the dictator himself.


Just recently, Jimbe’s sister from the same parents was kicked out of the State house on account that The First Lady in particular came to know about the promiscuity of dictator Jammeh who was using his supposed relatives in Jimbe and sisters who were luring young girls into the state house as sex slaves for the dictator.


Jimbe’s appointment therefore according to sources will be no different from her previous role of ferrying innocent girls into the state house for jammer’s fantasy. On paper the official role of Ms Jammeh, a direct relative of President Yahya Jammeh, is deputy chief of Protocol at the Office of the President, but in reality, Jimbe’s main role is to serve as a pimp for Jammeh. She usually picks girls for President Jammeh who act as sexual mistresses especially when the First Lady travels.




As one source puts it ‘What else would you expect from Jimbe a nobody with a bare minimum educational qualification’.


Currently Jimbee heads a special division of mainly young beautiful fair coloured women at the State House. Many of these young female State House employees including Jimbee herself are housed in a guest house just a few metres away from the President’s official residence. In this guest house the young girls are kept as sexual slaves where they have to be on permanent standby to be called-in anytime but more so at night to have sex with the President. In essence, these young girls are always handy and at the President’s service to satisfy his unusually high sexual appetite.


Photo: Jimbe and her sister Awa with #Ethiopian girls



Meanwhile, one Buba Demba a keen supporter of The APRC has been appointed chief of protocol. Demba was brought to the state house by the then secretary general and presidential affairs minister, Mr Momodou Sabally. He caught Sabally’s eye after his engagement in a clean up exercise at Ebo Town during the floods there. Demba, a junior school drop out was trained by former chief of protocol, Sana Jarju when he was brought in as protocol officer less than two years ago.