The Fatu Network has got credible reports that the embattled radio journalist, Mr Alhagie Abdoulie Ceesay, has been rushed to hospital early this morning, Monday February 29th. Credible sources even at the Gambia’s main hospital in Banjul spoke of how panic stricken nurses were rushing for hospital roller-beds and immediately escorting the journalist into an emergency ward.

His family who got wind of the news also rushed to the hospital to find out what might have happened to journalist Ceesay but upon arrival at the emergency ward, they were denied access to their loved one citing privacy and security reasons.



It could be recalled that The Fatu Network last week reported a story detailing the deteriorating health condition of journalist Alhagie Abdoulie Ceesay which is worsened by his horrible prison conditions.



Alhagie is said to be an asthmatic patient but of late the journalist is also said to have also developed a suspected liver problem.

Gambia’s detention and prison facilities are known for their deplorable condition aptly described often by human rights organizations as potential death traps. A human rights activist, Dr Amadou Janneh who was on death and only released after the intervention by US civil rights activist J C Jackson, once wrote how sometimes inmates are fed with carcass of dead animals and where torture and other forms of inhumane treatments are common.



Disease outbreak and even death are common in the prisons. Just last week, a senior member of the transport association died under mysterious circumstances while under state custody.

The Fatu Network is closely following the latest case of journalist Alhagie Abdoulie Ceesay and we want to make it abundantly clear to Dictator Yahya Jammeh that the life of this young journalist is in his hands. The world firmly holds him responsible for anything that might happen to him.