By Fatou Sowe

Amadou Samba has yet again described the testimony of Momodou Lamin Sonko the country coordinator of M A Kharafi as an afterthought.

Readers would recall that Sonko during his testimony last week indicated to the commission that Amadou Samba participated in the sale transaction of Kairaba hotel which goes to the effect that Lang Conteh’s contested statement is true about Samba’s participation.

In his testimony, Samba said he has listened to the evidence of Mr. Sonko whom he said was trying to manufacture evidence as a result he appealed to the commission for Mr. Sonko to produce documents that he (Samba) was alleged to have signed with regard to the sale of Kairaba Beach Hotel.

“There is nothing like Amadou Samba in the sale agreement of the hotel and I never went to Standard Chartered Bank with Mr Sonko with regard to the sale of Kairaba Beach Hotel,” he said.

Mr. Samba at that point tendered the deeds of assignment on the sale of the hotel which he said was prepared by commission counsel, Amie Bensouda and was admitted as exhibit. He further testified that the document will show the history of the hotel since he earlier told the Commission that the hotel was on liquidation at the time of sale.

According to him, Baba Jobe was dealing with Robert Aswandi the former manager of the hotel and Baba was answering to the former president which he said indicated that the hotel belong to Jammeh because Baba did not have money to buy the hotel. Samba said he dares not say that Jammeh bought the said hotel with the public funds and he has no vested interest in the chairmanship of the hotel which he said was even symbolic because there was no commission for him as he was not hungry.

“I have never discussed the sale of the hotel with the ex-president but I remembered Robert Aswandi called me on two occasions during the sale of the hotel on the stocks and mortgage of the hotel and apart from that I knew nothing about the hotel,” Mr Samba added.