The Fatu Network can report with upmost certainty about two high level meetings hurriedly organized by Dictator Yahya Jammeh following our Thursday lead story which explicitly documented dangerous genocidal plans being hatched against the Gambian opposition parties and their supporters.

Bewildered and furious, our trusted sources intimated to The Fatu Network how Dictator Jammeh summoned senior officials of the security forces and tasked them to fish out those giving out classified state information to The Fatu Network. The Dictator was said to have been particularly “very angry” at what our credible source described as the apparent lapse in controlling state secret when plans to kill opposition leaders were leaked to The Fatu Network.

The genocidal plan itself against the opposition has three different operational strategies: Plan A: is to target the prominent opposition supporters with inducement of job offers and even lavish cash spending on them. If this could not yield fruit, then the architects have recommended what it terms under Plan B: as a strategy to suffocate the opposition of the much needed space to conduct their rallies and activities. These plans include denying the opposition permits to hold rallies; unexplained disappearances; arrests and long detentions; identifying and singling out their bread winners for dismissal from their jobs and also denying them opportunities to make it impossible for them to focus on supporting the opposition.
But the scary bit falls under Plan C…..which the architects code named the operation as “The Black Cat.” Under this plan, over 300 people have been identified across the country among them UDP leader Lawyer Ousainou Darboe, PPP leader OJ Jallow, NRP leader Hamat Bah, PDOIS leader Halifa Sallah and several youth leaders of both the UDP and PPP as well as newly cross carpeted youths from the ruling party to the UDP. All of their names have been circled in a red ink.

At least six prominent names of diaspora opposition party activists from both the UDP and PPP have also been listed and their family addresses already identified and circled in red ink as “potentials.”
The Plan C talks about abductions of the prominent party members, arrest and court charges including inciting violence so that they would be denied bail. But the epic of the operation is what the architects called “silence the parrot” which include extreme use of force and violence against defenceless civilians.
Under this plan, residential addresses of the targets have been identified, all escape routes marked “Gates closed” and the number of security men to be tasked to be conducting the operation mapped. For example for both UDP and PPP leaders’, the architects have suggested that not less than 30 heavily armed men should storm their residences with tear gas ganisters. The attackers should also use a specially designed balaclavas (hoods) to hide their identity.
Meanwhile, within Kanilai itself, the Dictator has tasked his trusted security team to liaise with telecommunications service providers to particularly find out who have been communicating with The Fatu Network in the US.

Our source said there is currently serious panic among the close aides of the Dictator who are worried that they could be wrongly accused of being the informants. According to different sources who spoke to The Fatu Network, the security taskforce setup by the Dictator first met Thursday night
immediately after the publication of our damning story. The taskforce has now already put together modalities to crack down on what they called informants bent on destabilizing the country. On Sunday 6th March, the taskforce met again to brief the Dictator about the steps they have taken.
One source said the online media has now become Dictator Jammeh’s biggest headaches where on a daily basis, a special group of intelligence officers stationed at the NIA record all programs especially aired on The Fatu Network. Names of regular contributors on the online radios are also compiled and in some cases their relatives tracked in The Gambia.

The Fatu Network is keenly following this story and we will continue to update our audience with the developments.