Two employees of Royal Access Clearing Agency, Muhammed Ceesay and Samba Bah were arrested this Wednesday, February 24 by the feared National Intelligence Agency (NIA) on suspicion of clearing a container that the security agency suspects has either weapons or drugs in it.


The fact that both men were arrested without the authorities first determining what “illegal” materials are concealed in the container speaks to the travesty of justice in this impoverished country.


Since the December 30, 2014 attempted coup, investigations of which revealed that the weapons used came through the port, scanners were bought and stationed at the dock for inspection of all containers entering the country. This is why observers are wondering how come the authorities could not determine first the kind of materials in the container.


Both men are currently being held at the NIA. This is a developing story and Fatu Network will provide our readers with more details as they become available.