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Yankuba Drammeh reinstated in the Gambia Armed Forces and Appointed Deputy Chief of Defense Staff

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Sources within the Defense Headquarters in Banjul have confirmed the reinstatement into the Armed Forces of Mr. Yankuba Drammeh and his subsequent appointment to the position of Deputy Chief of Defense Staff of the Gambia Armed Force. Drammeh who until recently was Deputy Head of Gambia’s Mission in New York was lastly discharged from the Armed Forces in February, 2010 by his Commander in Chief dictator Yaya Jammeh. He was first appointed Deputy Ambassador to Turkey before moving to New York in 2012.

Yankuba Drammeh has suffered in the hands of his delusional and distrustful Commander in Chief as he has been recycled several times. On 30th November, 2009, Jammeh issued his press release “The office of the president hereby informs the general public that, His Excellency Sheikh Professor Alhaji Dr Yahya AJJ Jammeh, president of the Republic of The Gambia and Commander In-Chief of the Gambia Armed Forces, has with immediate effect from today 30th November 2009 demoted Brigadier General Yankuba Drammeh, deputy chief of Defence Staff of The Gambia National Army to a private and dismissed him from the Gambia Armed Forces”. Drammeh was soon after arrested and kept in detention for few days while been investigated on links to Lang Tambong Tamba alleged planned coup, widely believe as a plot by Yaya Jammeh to get rid of Lang and his co-accused dismissed army generals. Luckily for him, he was cleared of any involvement and reinstated on 2nd December, 2009, this time for only two months before Jammeh’s electric broom swept him out again leading to his career in the diplomatic missions.

Sources said in his last’s week’s appointment, he is promoted to the rank of Major General. However, our investigation reveals that Yankuba Drammeh was already a Major General as in his second come back on 2nd December 2009, he was promoted from Brigadier to Major General.

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Major General Yankuba Drammeh, a well-trained professional officer is credited for his honesty and ability to transform the army into a professional body if given the free space. He occupies a position left vacant since the removal of Major General Saikou Seckan in 2013.

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