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The Gambian President Jammeh has Friday June 26, 2015 rescinded his decision to expel Hussein Tajudeen, a businessman from the country. This is the second time that the Hezbollah linked businessman is given a presidential pardon and permitted to return and operate his Multi Million-dollar business operations. This decision by Jammeh did not come to many as a surprise, as Jammeh is known for changing his mind just when it suits his needs and desires. Today’s decision was contained in a press statement issued by the Presidency and read on the national TV during the news at ten.

The Press statement added that Tajudeen has agreed to sign an undertaking with The Gambia Government to do business in a proper way.

 Last week, The Gambia Government, through the office of the president had written to Hussein Tajudeen’s lawyers allowing them until November to wrap up business. This development came few weeks after the same office wrote to the company’s lawyers reminding them that they have to wrap up their businesses before the thirty day ultimatum they were given elapses.

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The letter according to sources also stated that Hussein’s children are allowed to stay in the country as they were all born there, but warned them against engaging in their dad’s businesses.

It would be recalled that The Office of The President had issued a press statement informing the general public that Mr. Tajudeen Hussein has been declared persona-non grata and was given 72 hours to leave The Gambia, failure of which he will be deported forthwith. According to the statement, Mr. Hussein, his family and all his business associates are banned from doing business in The Gambia due to what the statement referred to as “unacceptable business practices that are detrimental to the Gambian economy.”  Mr. Tajudeen Hussein was also given thirty days (30 days) to close all his businesses within the Gambia.

Hussein Tajudeen is the owner of TAJCO which is the biggest importer of rice and flour, and also has subsidiaries that include the Kairaba Supermarket chain.  Tajco is based in Banjul, the capital city.

Hussein Tajudeen is the subject of an ongoing investigation by the United States government and his business is alleged by the U.S to be part of a multinational network that has generated millions of dollars for Hezbollah, described by the White House as being “among the most dangerous terrorist groups in the world.”  Reports have indicated that The United States sanctions imposed in December, 2010 targeted a network of businesses owned or controlled by Tajudeen and his brothers in the Gambia, Lebanon, Sierra Leone, the Democratic Republic of Congo and the British Virgin Islands.

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