Friday, July 19, 2024

Writer says Isata Jawara is not procurement officer at AG’s Chambers

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Dear Editor

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Following my investigations on the misappropriation of the 6 million dalasis budget for the just concluded colloquium by Justice Ministrysenior employees, I have just been reliably informed that Isata Jawara is not the Procurement Officer at the Ministry. Yet she was assigned to do the procurement by her friend Solicitor General Sankareh and bigger Boss AG Singhateh. Is there not a Procurement Officer at the Ministry of Justice? This is in total contravention of Gambia Public Procurement Authority GPPA regulations and those responsible must be punished.


The good news however is that as I am sending this update, criminal investigations have began or is about to begin and this has raised tensions at the Ministry of Justice. Both the Attorney General and the Solicitor General are trying to cover up the issue and are working on formalising the process. But will they be successful? I hope the investigators will get to the bottom of why Asata was in fact instructed to do the procurement when there is a procurement officer? And more importantly, how the 6 million dalasis of tax payers’ money meant for the colloquium was spent?


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I hope the authorized procurement officer will not be victimised!

Updates on the matter to come but up next..
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