Thursday, November 30, 2023

Women’s Bureau Receives Anita Hawkins

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By Mammy Saidykhan

Anita Hawkins on Tuesday met with officials of Women’s Bureau where she pledged to support Gambian women.

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The US bussinesswoman visited the Women’s Bureau in Banjul as part of her plans to support victims of domestic violence and abuse in The Gambia.

“Sitting here today at the women’s bureau has given me motivation of things to do and get executed when I get home. I would love to send a container for women that have gone through domestic abuse, women that are in prison, women that are lacking of whether it is toiletries, beauty products, perfumes,” she said.

She added, “I am ready to get home and make sure that I get some things done and executed.”.

Anita advocates for togetherness of women to help empower themselves; “I learned that the women make up 51% of the country’s population it is important that women come together as one, we come together to be empowered.”

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She added that, “They always say women rule the world regardless of color, what background, but I’ve come to learn that the women here work really hard.”

The top model further added; “When I say be empowered the women here in Gambia are at another level than what we have in The United States but being here in Gambia to see the hard work and dedication that you all give I am empowered right now.”

“I have not set up a partnership as of yet but that is something I am working on, I have let them know of the things that I have going on in The United States with my Organisation – Find One Reason to Smile –  and what we do is that we going and reinventing those smiles on women that have been abuse, sexual abuse, trafficking,” Anita noted.

Some of these women are just everyday women that are in need of assistance and in the states, we have all different programs that are not here. So if I can give assistance in any way possible, i will get back home and get those things done, she added.

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Anita also said “Am going back home, am going to make sure I put somethings on social media to help Gambian women in the best way I can, it is important to give back and help those that are in need.”

Mrs Anita will use the rest of her visit to meet with various institutions, women and children groups. She also plans to visit the SOS Children’s Village in Bakoteh where she will interact with children of the orphanage.

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