‘I will not allow selective justice in Gambia’ – OJ

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Agriculture Minister OJ Jallow has renewed his stance that he will never allow selective justice to prevail in the Gambia especially in the post Jammeh era quest for justice to victims.


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Speaking at the launch of the Gambia Center for Victims of Human Rights Violations (GCVHRV) on Wednesday at the Commit Building in Kotu, Minister Jallow said the government want to unite and reconcile the people as one family.


He said former President Yahya Jammeh could not have done what he has done without collaborators. He said our own brothers and sisters were collaborating with him and therefore should all face Justice.

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“Jammeh and his enablers should be treated fairly and equally with Justice. There should be no selective Justice in the process for truth and reconciliation. Yahya Jammeh could not have done what he has done without collaborators. So, they should all be treated equally in the face of justice and not selective justice” he said.


He made it clear that other commissions beside the upcoming Truth and Reconciliation Commission will be created to ensure that justice prevails in this country.

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The GCVHRV is created to support victims of human and civil rights violations committed by the Ex-President Jammeh administration.


The objectives of the organisation includes advocating for constitutional reforms that will ensure violations perpetrated on Gambians during the second republic shall never happen again; serve as a resource center for victims and families of victims of human rights violations and to facilitate provision of counseling and medical services to victims of gender-vased crimes, torture, rape, murder, wrongful imprisonment and disappearance committed by the Jammeh government.


It will also be a liaison between victims of human rights violations and various arms of government during the transition justice phase of national reconciliation; to provide a safe environment that will help victims of human rights violations and their families get truth, justice and where applicable reparation.

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