Monday, April 22, 2024

Why You Should Be Mindful Of Online Motivational Speakers

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By Amara Thoronka   

The term “motivational speaker” has become one of the most frequently used words in both casual and formal interface in recent times. The internet is now inundated with motivational speakers from diverse cultures, professions and origins. But who really are they? What are the potential negatives in unreasonably exposing oneself to all sorts of motivational contents online? Should people be mindful of the type of motivational speeches or contents they listen to and put into practice?

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Who are online motivational speakers?

Online motivational speakers are online content creators who use persuasive, emotional and mind-blowing expressions, gestures, narratives and citations to convince someone to believe in what they say. Some target general audience while others design their messages to targets specific people like youths, women, children, couples, business starters, employers, employees, the disabled, the sick or the traumatized.

Since the internet has taken over, motivational speakers are mostly seen online. They use social media platforms chiefly Facebook, YouTube, Instagram and Tiktok to pass on their messages. Most of them have millions of people across the globe who follow them online. In fact, some people have become addicted to their online contents as they now go online to search for videos from motivational speakers that will uplift or recover their spirit from certain ordeals or challenges they are going through. Online motivational speakers are widely perceived by many as solution contacts and people who actually know what to do in any given circumstance.

The general good

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Let me hasten to say that motivational speeches are generally good as they can positively change and inspire lives. It is good to listen to such speeches to see dfferent perspectives on life challenges, value success and failure equally, relate with the other person’s views or difficulties, learn something new and be inspired, and also increase your knowledge on various fields, happenings and occurrences in life.

Why you should be mindful  

Notwithstanding the abovementioned benefits of listening to motivational speakers, you should equally be mindful of messages you listen to for motivation. Take the following into consideration before you implement what you hear from online motivational speakers:

Cultural diversity is a major factor. You must ask yourself if what is being said resonates with the social and cultural ideals of your family, community or society in general. For example, someone who has lived all his/her years in United States, England, Canada, Switzerland, Russia, Saudi Arabia, China etc, might not understand the realistic socio-cultural features of other societies or nations in other parts of the world. Their submissions of such motivational speakers are most often informed by the culture or ideals of their environments, so if you want to equally implement that in your community, there might be adverse consequential effects.

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Also, some motivational speakers are online to make money through the internet traffic they get due to their large following. In such circumstances, the focus is to make videos that will attract huge viewership thereby make money.

Moreover, the nature and circumstances of agonies, misfortunes or challenges are different. Where, when, how and why they happened can vary. Therefore, depending on one motivational directive to solve an issue that has different nature to the one going on in the mind of the motivational speaker at the time he/she created the video, is not reasonably viable.

Furthermore, since the internet is open to all and sundry, you now see many online motivational speakers, who have never experienced the ups and downs of marriage, advising married men and women on complex marital issues. This also apply to those doing motivational contents on business, academia, career and other pursuits but they themselves have not experienced what they seem to be motivating people to do or not to do. Experience is the best teacher, right?

The main lesson

It is good to listen to inspiring words, but it is prudent to follow the ideals that characterize the answer one is looking for. It is illogical to depend on online motivational speakers to teach you how to treat your spouse, family, boss, job, children, friends, people around you, what and what not you should take from people, how you should dress, talk, walk, and so on.

Everything you need to success in doing something or make your relationship work is in you. All what you need is to be disciplined, committed, goal-oriented and treat people the way you would like to be treated. Stop consuming or following online motivational speeches that do not fit into your culture and situation.


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