By Lamin Njie

APRC’s Kaddy Camara said ‘we’re better than you then’ as she attacked UDP NAMs for their insistence for the rejection of a bill that seeks to free elected local government officials from the clutches of their parties.

UDP NAMs went it alone on Monday as members of PDOIS, APRC, PPP, NRP, GDC, UDP-cum-independents and nominated members pushed for the cancelling of a portion of the local government act that says an elected local government official shall cease to be a member of a council if his party sacks him.

UDP and Brikama Area Council chairman Sheriffo Sonko have been trapped in a bitter war with the party hell-bent on pushing him out the door as chairman of BAC.

UDP sacked Mr Sonko for the second time last week after its initial decision fell on stony ground. The party relied on current the local government act which says the elected official would automatically cease to be chairman and fresh elections be held.

It prompted Lower Baddibu MP Alhagie Jawara to move a motion for the act to be amended in order to provide protection for an elected local government official in future.

A huge commotion broke out Monday morning as UDP NAMs insisted that the bill should not be entertained which prompted the speaker to suspend sitting.

The session returned in the afternoon with the speaker passing a ruling that a debate takes place.

The debate began with NAMs of almost all the parties insisting that the bill be passed since it seeks to protect the power of the people.

Foni Bondali’s Kaddy Camara said, in an indirect shot to UDP NAMs: “I want to begin with that [sic], we the APRC brought all these bad laws here and you (UDP) people are now following our bad laws? Then we’re better than you people.

“If you say that we brought all these bad laws here and you want to follow those bad laws, then we are better than you people. Madam speaker, as [the] saying goes, who laughs last laughs the best. Then we (APRC) laugh the best now. Madam speaker, I am in 100 percent in support of this bill because I made consultation with my councillors and they’re all in support of this bill.

“I am elected by my people to come and represent them. Our councillors are also elected by their people to go and represent them at the councils. If they don’t have their freedom, and if they don’t have their independence, how would they represent them in the council? We untied ourselves here, we don’t want to untie others.”