Sunday, February 25, 2024

“We Should Desist From Prioritizing Children Of Top Government Officials When Giving Scholarship” – Hon. Ceesay

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By: Alimatou S Bajinka

Hon. Lamin Ceesay, National Assembly Member (NAM) for Kiang West Constituency has said, in allocating scholarship, priority should be given to children of ordinary Gambians who struggle to earn a living and not the children of those who have in abundance.

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“We have so many dropouts in the country because their parents can’t afford tuition fees. We should desist from prioritizing the children of ministers and other high-profile government officials.”

On enhancing discipline in learning institutions, Hon. Ceesay said, even though corporal punishment is unacceptable, other forms of disciplinary measures should be strictly enforced in schools to make sure students concentrate and learn in order to brighten the country’s future.

He stressed that The Gambia educational system should be looked at, saying that the country continues to register mass failure in external exams.

The lawmaker also elaborated on the status of higher education in the country which he said needs highly competent people to impact learning.

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“The Gambia College should be scrutinized and make sure they enrol people that can provide quality education to the students to make sure the country’s educational system is improved,” he said.

In another development in the ongoing parliamentary debate on President Barrow’s State of the Nation Address (SONA), Hon. Gibril Mballo, NAM for Lower Fuladu West said claims of numerous expenditures in the agricultural sector have been made but that the result is not reflected in the farms or produces, especially in the rural Gambia where farming is a crucial source of livelihood.

Kebba K. Barrow, NAM for Kombo South, urged ministers and heads of government departments and agencies to be present at the National Assembly to hear from NAMs as they debate the recently delivered SONA by President Barrow. This he said can help them in effectively running their ministries, departments and agencies.

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