Sunday, June 23, 2024

Veteran artist Freaky Joe crowns ST as GOAT

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By: Muhammed Lamin Drammeh

Veteran Gambian Afro-Manding, hip-hop, and reggae artist Singateh Rise, also known as Freaky Joe, has crowned ST Brikama BOYO as the Greatest of All Time (GOAT) among this current generation of Gambia artists due to his longevity and consistency over the decade.

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The music producer and engineer who has now established his music studio in the country exclusively told The Fatu Network that the rapper’s consistency and his ground-breaking album launch at the Independence Stadium made him stand out among his peers.

“Right now, this generation, obviously, he’s untouchable. He is the GOAT of their generation. In the past ten years, he has been more consistent,” Singateh told TFN.

Freaky Joe said people should be fair to ST, noting that his album launching at the Independence Stadium was a trendsetter for all the other artists, saying such a feat cannot be wiped out like that.

Singateh, who has five albums to his name and dominated the Gam music industry in the mid to late 2000s, while tagging ST for his consistency over the years and crowning him as the GOAT of his generation, equally noted that ST’s seat is burning with the rise of Attack who has recently won the Wah Sah Halat Music Awards artist of the year.

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Impressed by Attack’s style of music and confidence as an artist, Singateh said that before ST realizes what is happening, he will be overtaken because no one stays at the top forever. He however advised ST to be steadfast if he wants to remain on top.

“There are others coming, and he has to be steadfast because no one stays there for too long. Someone is coming, and he has seen that. Before he knew it, he will sleep out,” he stressed.

The music mogul couldn’t go without praising Attack for his evolution and style of music. He said the young rapper’s music is a reflection of his personality and compared him to American rapper, Lil Wayne. He said Attack’s rapid growth in the musical industry surprises him.

“When you look at Attack, artistically, he is more marketable. His style of music showcases the type of person he is. I like the energy he brings into his music. Now he is at a level where he thinks that it is his time”.

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The veteran singer, songwriter and now a music engineer and producer, repeatedly stated that if ST sleeps, he will be overtaken.

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