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UTG graduates fear taint on degree credibility amid sex for grades scandal

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By: Lolly Sowe

Following the emergence of shocking allegations of sex for grade scandal at the University of The Gambia, The Fatu Network has engaged some students who recently bagged degrees on how they feel after hearing such allegations.

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They said the allegations are capable of undermining the academic efforts they put into obtaining their degrees.

Jainaba Jobarteh, a recent graduate, said the allegations are disheartening.

“Brilliant students who worked so hard to obtain amazing results like myself are guilty because of these claims and how others will see us,” she told TFN.

To make sure the sacrifices of hardworking students and their credibility are maintained, she urged the school authorities to investigate the matter with utmost urgency.

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She added that nobody at UTG is surprised by the problems the school is facing.

“The university has turned out intelligent, motivated students who have attended top universities and succeeded in a variety of ways.

Without a doubt, every UTG lecturer I know has a high moral standard, and they all work hard to make the school a successful centre for academic excellence.

This is unpleasant and tough to process,” she explained.

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She mentioned that there are despicable people in every community and civilization, which is unavoidable, but generalizing is incorrect.

“If they go through the UTG courses, they will learn about the university’s value system and the moral danger of sexually initiated marks, which all university staff and students are warned against.

“Keeping this in mind, they should know that anyone who engages in immoral behaviour will face consequences if it is discovered.

“There are a lot of things at stake, therefore I hope the UTG authorities get to work and fix this,” she added.

Jainaba described the allegations as serious, saying they can compromise the reputation of any UTG graduate, male or female.

“With this serious claim, a thorough investigation is required,” she said.

Jainaba stated that the student union has encouraged the school management to launch an inquiry and make its findings so that swift action could be taken.

“As alumni of the University, we are duty-bound to have an in-depth understanding of the situation at hand from the parties involved.”

The school, students/victims, and the lecturers in a bid to make an informed opinion about this scandal otherwise they shouldn’t speak, Isatou M Janneh said.

However, she said until those involved are brought to the board by the school, she neither has a perspective nor a take on it.

For her part, Fatou Ceesay, another UTG graduate described the allegations as disappointing.

“Imagine how hard they have (students) worked for their grades, burning the midnight candle, travelling from Brikama to Kanifing early in the morning, and returning late makes it unfair to the serious ones that have sweated for their grades,” she stressed.

She added that the recent reports of lecturers allegedly sleeping with students or taking money from them in exchange for marks are unfair to those who acquired their degrees through hard work and sacrifice.

“Giving students grades they don’t work for after sleeping with them is not fair,” she lamented.

Ms Ceesay added that lecturers that are fun of doing such acts are not fit to be called lecturers and quick action should be taken against them.

“These lecturers should be forced to resign, and certain students should be filtered to see if their documents are real or fake,” Fatou recommends.

According to her, certain students are graduating with high GPAs, and in the end, they don’t deliver to expectations.

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