Monday, June 17, 2024

US-based Gambian Doctor Shares What She Will Do With A Cheating Husband

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Women in relationships with cheating partners are at a higher risk of getting diseases and should disentangle themselves to avoid exposure, U.S based Gambian doctor Jay Ceesay has suggested.

Speaking on The Sisters Show aimed at inspiring people of African descent, especially women, Jay shared a more radical approach to dealing with an unfaithful partner. The topic was ‘if you would put a tracker on your husband’s car?’

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Her words: “No… I’m not putting a tracker or a manker or anything. Or Find My Phone. None of that. I wouldn’t snoop around your phone. You can look at my phone. I don’t have any reason to look at your phone or to search for any information. If I have a doubt you are cheating am done.

“It’s not about affecting my relationship, it’s about health. I’m not gonna put a tracker because a tracker is not gonna track how many women you’ve been sleeping with. It only takes one person you’ve slept with that can give me an STD, so if I know you are cheating am done. If I’m in love with you and you cheated on me am not gonna have that trust because the way my brain works it’s like, you guys know this, I give it all. Once that boundary is crossed then you hurt my heart and I’m done.”

Weighing in, Olay Ceeesay a leader in the tech industry and Vice President for a Fortune 500 company in the U.S believes resort to use of tracking devices should only be reserved for circumstances with substantive proof of cheating.

She added: “I will not put a tracker on my significant other’s car. But if somebody else does it, I understand the reason. It may be because that person gives you a reason to. So, absolutely it’s a tool that you can use. If you have a strong enough reason where you just wanna clear your mind so you could sleep soundly at night, put a tracker. Once a cheater always a cheater. So if your man cheats and comes back and apologizes and say all these good things, being the Prince Charming and buys you flowers I think it’s gonna happen again. It’s up to the woman. If you are ready to be in that type of relationship, that works for you.”

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The Sisters Show airs every Saturday at 8:00PM GMT ,4:00PM EST.

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