Monday, July 22, 2024

Upper Fulladou West NAM Donates Four Solar Panels to Sare Sofie Residents

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By: Alieu Jallow

The National Assembly member for Upper Fulladou West, Hon. Bakary Kora, recently donated four solar panels to the residents of Sare Sofie in the Central River region. This donation follows the village’s commitment to contribute and install solar streetlights, all aimed at improving security in the village.

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In his capacity, Bakary Kora, NAM for Upper Fulladou, commended the unity of the people of Sare Sofie, noting that the government can’t do it all. He was motivated to contribute his share towards the development of the village, emphasizing the significance of solar streetlights in addressing insecurity within the village.

“These solar lights will address insecurity within the community, especially during the rainy season when nights are predominantly dark. I wish to applaud the initiative of the young people of Sare Sofie and everyone behind this project,” said Bakary Kora.

The Alkalo of the village, Sirreh Sey, praised the youth of the village, both those living within the country and in the diaspora, emphasizing that uniting for progressive development is crucial for any village.

“I want to thank the youth of the village for this initiative. This is what we wish and desire as elders of the village, so I urge all of you to keep up the good work, both those who contributed and those who did not,” he lamented.

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The Secretary-General of the Village Development Committee, Alassan Sey, speaking on behalf of the youth development, mentioned that the lights will significantly enhance security within the village.

“If you stand at the other end of the village now, you will see everything, and that is a significant boost for security,” Sey remarked.

Other speakers included the Chairperson of the Village Development Committee, Nfamara Jerreh Keita, who praised the youth of the village, stressing that it has further fostered unity among the children of the village.

The street solar lights are valued at over a hundred thousand dalasis and were contributed by the young people of the village living in the diaspora and the country.

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