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University of the Gambia Medical Students Association: Health myths/benefits

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Are you Pregnant and experiencing things like:
Shortness of breath
Headache or light-headedness
Or even craving/chewing ice, sand etc🤔?

If yes, you are most likely suffering from anaemia in pregnancy.

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What is anaemia in pregnancy? This is when you lack sufficient red blood cells to move oxygen throughout your body, which has an impact on your organs and bodily functions, hence the feeling of fatigue and weakness.

Whilst anaemia is a normal state associated with pregnancy, severe forms of it could lead to:
a) sudden birth of babies before nine months
b) babies with low birth weight and,
c) sometimes even maternal death, i.e death of a mother during or after pregnancy.

Pregnancy is a high-demand state, therefore having a good diet before and more so during pregnancy helps in getting a good pregnancy experience for both mother and child, giving birth to healthy babies with good weight and well-developed brains.

Folate and Iron are all you need during pregnancy, and it is no ‘Taboo’.

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1. Eat iron-rich foods such as meat, chicken, fish, eggs, dried beans, vegetables and fortified grains.
2. Eat foods high in folic acid, such as dried beans, dark green leafy vegetables, orange juice etc 3. Eat foods high in vitamin C, such as citrus fruits like oranges, and mandarin and fresh raw vegetables.
4. And of course, the iron and folic acid supplements are given during antenatal care visits (“nurse”).
Do not disregard those small Red Tablets‼‼‼

Eat for yourself and your baby wisely with nutrient-rich foods but avoid getting fat in the process, as well❗
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