Sunday, July 21, 2024

Uniited States Congratulates Gambia on Peaceful Elections-US Department of State

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We congratulate the Gambian people for their commitment to a peaceful democratic process and the rule of law. We can confirm that the Gambian Independent Electoral Commission (IEC) declared on Gambian television that Adama Barrow of the opposition United Democratic Party (UDP) party has won the presidential election as an Independent running on behalf of a coalition of seven opposition parties.

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According to the Chairman of the IEC, President Jammeh has conceded the election and spoken with president-elect Barrow. This peaceful transition would be an historic achievement for The Gambia – never before has power changed hands through the ballot box – and contribute positively to a significant legacy for President Jammeh.


We encourage all Gambians to respect the election results, and we urge the Government of the Gambia to respect the rights of citizens to freely assemble as they respond to the results of the election.

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We applaud the Gambian population for participating in the election with a high voter turnout and generally peaceful conditions, albeit with a high security presence.

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