Sunday, February 25, 2024

UDP stand their ground that election was stolen and repeat their claim foreigners got voter’s cards illegally

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The United Democratic Party have again said they have ‘overwhelming’ evidence of the December 4 presidential election getting stolen.

UDP issued a statement on Wednesday to speak on the election, the first time the party is doing so.

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UDP said in their statement: “Further, the United Democratic Party had on the 24th of December filed 30 witness statements and over two thousand pages of overwhelming evidence that established beyond any reasonable doubt that: The conduct of the election was fraught with corrupt conduct and vote buying; Thousands of voters were added to the voter list after close of registration; Thousands of foreigners obtained voters cards in The Gambia illegally; The conduct of the vote counting was full of irregularities that made the result of the election null and void.

“Over the past three weeks the United Democratic Party has carried out diligent investigation and placed evidence before the Supreme Court to demonstrate how the elections were stolen from The Gambian people.”

UDP supporters are contending with the devastating defeat they suffered in the hands of President Adama Barrow.

While the party has continued to claim the election was stolen, many including the international community have all held the election as free and fair.

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