The Fatu Network has confirmed that peaceful protesters detained at Janjjanbureh Prisons are not allowed to perform prayers at the prisons mosque. Directives are said to have been given that they should not be allowed anywhere near the mosque.


The detainees twenty two of whom were unconditionally released Thursday, June 30 were advised by authorities to never take part in any form of protest failure of which they will face severe consequences. Before their released on bail, the detainees were all held in a big  hall for over fifty one days incommunicado and were never allowed outside their detention hall which has a bathroom inside. Both detainees and prisoners at Janjanbureh have one full tea cup of ‘Pap’ for breakfast with little or no sugar at all, rice for lunch with no pepper, no salt and half tea cup of ‘Chereh’ for dinner.


Many of them have serious medical issues, but are not allowed by prison guards to see a doctor. One Lang Marong who is said to be losing sight in one eye have tried many times to convince guards that he needs to see an eye specialist but it all fell on deaf ears. Both Fatoumata Jawara and Fatou Camara are said to be in serious medical needs as both of them can’t sit straight. Source could not tell us what exactly happen to them but stressed that they are in urgent need to see a doctor. Prison authorities have been informed about their condition since June 14, but they are still denied access to a medical doctor.


One of the male protesters whose name we cannot disclose right now is said to be losing his mind slowly. The Source stressed that he needs to see a doctor before it is too late.


Meanwhile, the twelve protesters who were denied bail are expected to appear in court latest Tuesday, July 5, 2016. The Fatu Network will continue to monitor the situation for you.