Monday, July 22, 2024

Touray Slams AFPRC Men as Rebels

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A former body guard to former president Sir Dawda Kairaba Jawara, Tijan Touray, has labelled a group of soldiers who staged a coup against President Jawara as rebels.

“Rebels I would call them-they were like rebels- they turn in out their berries…you couldn’t identify who is a soldier or from others. If there was a resistance the coup wouldn’t have been successful,” Touray testifying before the TRRC via Skype on Wednesday said.

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Touray described the 1994 coup as a mutiny as he added that Jammeh couldn’t organise a coup because he was not organise and that Jammeh organised only his friends.

Tijan, who was an ex-corporal at the defunct Gendarmerie, further described former president Jammeh during those days as not taking orders from his senior officers and that he swore too much.

He added: “The way he speaks, he swears a lot and he doesn’t take orders from senior officer. He works like a bandit sort of –he was a radical definitely.”

He told the commission that if ex-captain Turo Jawneh was serving as the commander at State House, 1994 coup wouldn’t be successful, adding that Turo was a dedicated and committed commander who loves his nation.

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