Tobaski: Ministry of health issues statement as Covid bears down on the nation again

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The Gambia has recorded a massive over 310 new cases over the weekend as the ministry of health issued a statement using all citizens to ‘strictly’ follow prevention and control measures.

The health ministry in a statement on Sunday called on all citizens and non-citizens to observe social distancing, wear face masks and avoid overcrowded places amid Covid’s dangerous return.

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The statement said: “As Muslims around the World and in particular The Gambia will celebrate Eid-ul Adha commonly known as ‘Tobaski’ on Tuesday 20th July 2021, the Ministry of Health hereby urges all citizens and people residing in The Gambia to strictly follow COVID-19 prevention and control measures by meticulously observing social distancing, wearing of face mask, avoiding overcrowded places, avoiding handshaking, frequent hand sanitising and washing hands with soap and clean water.

“The Ministry wish to remind the public that, the PUBLIC HEALTH (DANGEROUS INFECTIOUS DISEASES) PROTECTION REGULATIONS, 2020 has been promulgated and that the provisions enshrined in the Regulations empowers the Minister of Health to institutes strict measures as when and where necessary. The success of slowing down or limiting the transmission or importation of the virus at first phase indicated the extent of cooperation by all members of the society. However, this may change if the recommended measures are not observed especially during this period of Eid celebration with its associated events such as social visits and other places that attract mass gathering. Undoubtedly, the wave of reported cases of COVID 19 will depend largely on public adherence to the guidelines provided by the Ministry of Health and its partners.

“Meanwhile, the Ministry of Health in collaboration with its partners assure the general public that, appropriate, affordable and quality health service delivery will continue to be provided at all times without comprising the approved standards.

“In conclusion, the Ministry of Health is soliciting the continuous support and cooperation of the general public in its efforts to contain COVID-19. Stay alert is one of the most powerful steps in the fight against COVID 19, thus, to all those celebrating please stay safe and Eid Mubarak. Ministry of Health wish everyone an enjoyable and healthy Eid celebration.”

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