Monday, June 17, 2024

The Scam Behind First Lady’s So-called Cancer Support Program

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It all looks genuine on paper but in reality it is one of the latest sophisticated schemes by Gambia’s gold digger First Lady to scam and fleece unsuspecting investors and ordinary Gambians of their hard earned money.

Some few weeks ago the wife of Gambia’s dictator Yahya Jammeh, First Lady madam Zainab Suma Jammeh launched a foundation that she said is setup to support cancer patients in the country eventhough her husband claims to treat cancer.

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At the time, many critics dismissed the initiative as yet another money making scheme by a broke First Family determined to do everything blatantly possible to dupe unsuspecting people.

Now critics have been proven right. And the duping scheme is starting right with struggling civil servants who are being forced through a government directive to take part in a solidarity fund raising march to kick start the First Lady’s foundation.

It could be recalled that just last week, Gambian civil servants have been told that they should prepare for an eventual unannounced mass layout because of lack of funds to maintain a big public service workforce like we have in The Gambia.

In the face of eminent threat to decent living characterized by joblessness, Gambian civil servants are now told to not only participate in the First Lady’s so called cancer support march but also that they should buy T-Shirts at the cost of D250

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Department heads are even warned to purchase a minimum of 50 T-Shirts which should be worn by their employees.

Currently Gambia is facing its worst economic crisis with some international bilateral organizations warning of dare consequences for the country unless serious reforms take place. At a time when institutions are struggling with meager resources, some without proper sanitary facilities or money to maintenance their vehicles, they are now forced to divert public resources into a foundation that is setup to scam and drain public coffers.


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