It’s quite evident in the run-up to final coalition convention, some passionate strategists whom given waivers to talk on behalf of their parties, need to provide Gambians with a steady diet of a thoughtful—consistent reassuring messages on the very important issues and avoid confusing Gambians with hypothetical opinions—that are ostensibly giving everyone a pause. We understand there are advisers quite skilled at getting in front of a story and trying to minimize damage of loose cannons —that lacks a deep understanding of discipline on the campaign trail. As such, we understand that— it impossible to deal with or wall off every conceivable human impulse. This is not the time for partisans to reflexively flood our online radio airwaves— waging asymmetrical war of words, regurgitating old talking points of the regime and casting blame against GOFFER efforts. This is the time for extensive private negotiations for a chance to unite the nation.




This certainly isn’t the time for party leaders to enmeshed cheap political popularity by roasting their colleagues beyond a bare bone — just by mere suspicion or pursue political agendas of exiting the “Coalition Talks” rather than attempting to compromise for a chance to unite the nation. As is readily apparent, each campaign more than ever, needs to pay plenty of attention to surrogates making easily refutable false claims, theatrics statements, promptly releasing or leaking incomplete policy statements and worst of all— making remarkably rosy scenario don’t look credible. Some are very passionate people but their diminishing returns of political capital from their efforts, only contributes to the coalition effort being flatfooted. Those who are deemed less productive or incapable of taking advice from campaign pros or lack the experience skill set to engage the media, should be given different assignments to avoid any direct consequences for failure. Some loyalist had made a series of blunders of keeping alive Yaya Jammeh’s a 22-year-old false stories about our patriot opposition party leaders, that are surely driving their parties to distraction.



It’s tempting for party officials to make lewd remarks about others party officials and complained loudly about the requirements of the coalition on social media. It makes sense to harsh out modalities and disagreements at Kairaba beach hotel instead of the airways. We have heard— top level officials, either misspoke or unknowingly besmirched about other party’s being included in the coalition effort because— they do not have a presidential candidate. This coalition effort is an interesting test case to demonstrate a compassionate leadership. At this point, Gambians want all parties curb the excesses and encourage party leaders to swallowed their pride and endorsed the coalition. Our nation yearns for some semblance of solidarity from all the aspiring candidates to unite under one ticket and recognized the gravity we have on hand. Sensing an opportunity, we know the regime is very good at courting personalities who has a grudge against the opposition. We should be on the lookout because they are eager for a split ticket that would confuse Gambians.



In this election, we are going against the same disastrous Yaya Jammeh— who is flagrantly in opposition to all our values. None of this blu-haha should be a surprise. We cannot provide a perfect backdrop to play into the hands of the opportunistic regime— that seek to sow fear and division as a way to disrupt the coalition efforts. Any political leader who refuses to acknowledge that fact a team effort is need to defeat this monstrous regime and instead waging asymmetrical war on the coalition efforts, ought to be ashamed. The bottom line: I whole-heartily appeal to GDC surrogates to adopt the message of Adoulie Sowe—in promoting inclusiveness of his party in the coalition effort and his appeal to lay aside our petty political bickering— overreact with unrealistic demands at every turn.



Let squabbles over divisive issues on hold for the moment as we all strive to see the coalition succeed. On that last count, so far we are encouraged by those who didn’t see eye to eye on policies very much in the past, demonstrate matured leadership to serve the interest of the Gambian people. There is finally a real plan to salvage our country this year instead of the ruling party’s endless vision to strengthened dictatorship. All parties coming together to undo the Gambian people feelings of nervousness— for a chance to square our shoulders again— weighed down by bitter disappointments of the regime, sorrows injustice, marginalization of the diasporians and undo the regime’s intentional neglection of their duties. GOFFER is saying Yes they can deliver for a change we can believe it. Bravo to Aunty Fatoumatta, Uncle Halipha and all those key players not mentioned here, working tirelessly to deliver a coalition.


By Habib ( A Concerned Gambian)