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The marbles have spoken: Jubilation all over Gambia after historic opposition win

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By Alhagie Jobe


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Emotional Gambians all over the country have stormed the streets in their various towns and villages celebrating Adama Barrow’s victory.


Mr Barrow who led a coalition of parties defeated incumbent President Yahya Jammeh in a historic election on Friday, December 1st, 2016.


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The results were: Adama Barrow – 263,515 votes; Incumbent President Yahya Jammeh – 212,099 votes and Mama Kandeh – 102, 969.



Mr Jammeh’s defeat comes as a huge surprise. Despite a surge of support for an opposition broadly united behind one candidate, most people expected the status quo to prevail.

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Emotional Gambians have taken to social media to describe their joy at Yahya Jammeh’s surprise election defeat.


Jammeh has brought a lot of pain to Gambians, but we will deal with him later.



For those in the diaspora, many of whom fled repressive policies or fear of been arrested, tortured, killed or even made to disappear under Jammeh rule, the result of the elections represents a long-hoped for opportunity finally to visit their families back home.



There is absolutely overwhelming emotions on the diaspora radios at the moment with Gambians from all walks of life calling to express their opinion.

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