Friday, July 19, 2024

The Gambia Returnees Association Up in Arms Against President Barrow

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Following President’s Barrow’s interview at Chatham House, in which he cited his return and eventual success as a result of not overstaying in UK, The Gambia Returnees Association has come out against that “irresponsible response.” The President Alagie Amadou Camara, in an interview with The Fatu Network accused the present of being insensitive to the country’s youths.

He claimed that the President has failed in his attempt to answer the question. The President, when asked on migration, went on a long tirade on how he came home, almost against the advice of everyone, to set up a successful business from humble beginnings and went on to become president. According to Alagie, “this is not a suitable response for a president who presides over a country where thirty nine percent of the youths are employed.

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He concluded that the President is not aware of the circumstances that lead to migration, and once abroad, what immigrants undergo. Alagie affirmed that this is the position of the whole group, which comprises of Gambian returnees from Europe and America.

We will be bringing you the whole interview with Mr Camara.

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