The Gambia National TV few hours ago announced the conviction of six military personnel who were charged with the December 30 attacks on State House. They are as follows:

Lt. Col. Sarjo Jarju has three life sentences, a death sentence, a 20year and a 10year sentence.

Captain Abdoulie Jobe has a life sentence, a 25 year sentence, 20 years each on three different counts and a 10year sentence.

Captain Buba Bojang has a life sentence, 20 years each on three different counts, a 25 year sentence and a 10 year sentence.

 Lt. Amadou Sowe has a life sentence in two different counts.

Captain Buba Sanneh has 4 life sentences each in four different counts, a death sentence, a 20 year sentence and a 10 year sentence.

Private Modou Njie​ has 2 death sentences and a life sentence

All six soldiers have been discharged from The Gambia Armed Forces and will all serve time concurrently. The charges of the accused range from Treason, concealment of treason and offenses related to mutiny. According to the state media all six accused were represented by two lawyers from The National Agency for Legal Aid (NALA)

Prosecution was said to have been led by The Director of Public Prosecution, S.H. Barkun with state counsels Ms. O Danso and Mr. A Bah. The national TV also announced that the court martial was opened to the public and family members. The release was quick to add that access was denied to the press because of the sensitivity of the issue which bothers on national security and defense based on the Armed Forces Act.