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Taf Njie Breaks Silence on Dalaba Estate Saga, Clarifies Allegations

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By: Hadram Hydara

After several homeowners at the Dalaba Estate accused him of unfulfilling the marketing promises he made when selling out the Estate to them, the CEO of TAF Africa Global, Mustapha Njie and his media team has come out with a press release clarifying the allegations against him and to some extent taking responsibility for some.

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Below is the full press release in verbatim:

“TAF Africa Global is aware of the current security crisis in The Gambia, and we empathise with the recent burglaries in the estate. These are troubling times throughout the country, and we stand in solidarity with all respectable citizens in hopes of a safer environment for all residents of our beloved Country.

Considering the recent statements and contents shared on social media about the state of the Dalaba Estate and TAF Africa Global’s deliverables to its homeowners, TAF Africa Global would like to clarify the following:

Perimeter Fencing of the Estate

TAF Africa Global bought this piece of land now called Dalaba Estate from a third party in 2018 where parts of the land were retained by the original owners. This has been the reason why the front and some parts of the back fence of the estate were still left unbuilt.  However, in light of the security threats faced by the residents, we have reached an understanding with the original owners allowing us to build these fences. We believe this will further complement the security of the area.

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Gates to the entrance of the Estate

Dalaba Estate is to have 2 main entrance gates at the front side of the estate. This is TAF Africa Global’s responsibility but due to the situation of the perimeter fences, it was impracticable. As we have now reached an understanding with the original owners on the issue of the fences, the gates will soon be installed and handed over to the Dalaba Homeowners Association.  It is important to note that the installation of the gates will limit access however other stringent measures will still have to be implemented by the homeowners to further strengthen the security of the estate.


It is TAF Africa Global’s responsibility to install streetlights on every street at the Dalaba Estate and we reassure the homeowners that this will be done on each completed street. Since the completion of the estate project, 80 streetlights have been installed and commissioned on Streets A -E.  The reason why Streets F – H are yet to be equipped with streetlights is merely because there are empty and unoccupied plots in that area.


The Dalaba Estate was divided into two parts; the front part of Streets A-C and part of D were all sold as finished homes and all these roads have been paved with interlocking slabs which is a more durable option compared to the bituminised roads so far as this estate is concerned. The second part of the estate starting from the part of D Street to Street H was sold as fenced serviced plots and it was brought to the attention of every homeowner that roads will be constructed on each street once all the houses are completed. This is due to the fact that empty plot owners building on these streets, usually bring in heavy construction trucks and occasionally dumb debris and building materials on the roads, which alters the durability of the roads. Please see the images in appendix 1.

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Fruit Trees

Fruit trees and flowers have been planted in all completed communal spaces within the estate; however, landscaping is an ongoing process, and any greenery must be nurtured. We, therefore, encourage and urge all residents with the support of the homeowner’s association to maintain these green areas in order to keep these trees and flowers blooming.


The proposed plan for the playground is still in place. Landscape works are currently ongoing behind road J which is the area allocated as the playground. Once the landscaping is done, the playground will be equipped and functional.

To this end, we want to reassure all homeowners that TAF Africa Global is committed to taking the following actions on or before 31st January 2023: 1. Building of the front fence with 2 gates on the main entrance.

  1. Complete the perimeter fence on the rear end of the estate.
  2. Install all roads on streets where 70% of houses have been completed.
  3. Install streetlights on all streets.

We would further like to take this opportunity to kindly urge all Homeowners of Dalaba Estate to be mindful of the fact that maintenance of the Estate is a joint responsibility of every resident. Once this is facilitated through being active and liaising with the Residence Association which is tasked with overseeing the responsibility of the affairs of the estate as mentioned in your sale agreements.  Furthermore, collaboration amongst residents and promptly reporting any suspicious activities to the Police is advisable in order to strengthen the security of the Estate. We are always open to meeting with the President of the Dalaba Homeowners Association and key members of the association should our input ever be required.

We remain true to our commitments and shall continue to partner with and heed our valued customers. Together we shall continue to strive towards the social and economic development of the country.

Yours Sincerely,

TAF Africa Global Gambia Ltd”

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