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T-Smallz ST comments spark GamMusic controversy

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By: Muhammed Lamin Drammeh

The Gambian music industry has been rocked by controversy following T Smallz Suso’s allegations that ST Brikama Boyo has been running away from him after all the help he had given him in the past. The accusations have led to a heated debate, with artist Kila Ace and ST’s former manager, Dembo Jorbateh, also getting involved in the situation. The country’s music lovers are on edge as they wait to see how the situation unfolds.

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During an interview with Argies Corner, T Smallz Suso, who goes by the stage name Katato, claimed that he did a lot for ST, a multi-award-winning artist. However, according to him, ST is now avoiding him for reasons he cannot fathom. This statement sparked a backlash on social media, with some accusing Smallz of seeking attention. Later on, Smallz released a song called “Criminal,” in which he called out ST.

“You have to run away from me, what have you done to me? This industry is dark, just like Satan,” he asked in his lyrics.

During a speech at Argies Corner, Dembo Jobarteh, the former manager of ST who goes by the name of the Baddest Manager, supported Smallz’s remarks about ST. He also shared some similar experiences he had while working with the Brikama-based artist but did not mention anything negative that the artist did to him.

D Jobz didn’t mention why he parted ways with the talented rapper but narrated the good things he did for ST and how fans are turning a blind eye to that. He argued that ST is like any other artist despite his successes in the industry.

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Ali Cham, known as Killa Ace, a rapper turned activist, came in defence of T Smallz over what he narrated about ST. Killa Ace further described ST as a coward who hides behind his fans to go out on critics.

“Only a coward artist hides behind his fans, manipulating them to be disrespectful towards critics.

“T Smalls didn’t say anything about ST in that interview that warrants for him to be disrespected like this. We need to grow up and mature as an audience. Music fans act like political party surrogates and artists act like party leaders. No artist out here is untouchable.

“Smallz keep your head up, King, you are a legend. Keep up the consistency, keep speaking your mind and don’t mind these extremist idol worshipers,” he posted on his timeline.

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Ebrima Sey, also called Big Sey as his stage name, said lots of these artists are bullying ST, noting that nobody had ever shown proof that ST did bad things to them. He added that he has never seen or heard ST talk badly about other artists, but it has always been other artists talking badly about ST.

In the conversation at Argies Coner, he argued that ST’s former manager, Dembo Jorbateh has personal issues with the star. Thus, he will not accept Dembo saying he’s neutral in the whole affair.

During an episode of Argies Corner, the host Agie asked T Smallz Suso about his relationship with ST, which sparked the controversy. Many ST supporters were unhappy with Smallz’s response, leading to a strong reaction from fans. In response, T Smallz returned to his studio and recorded a song calling out ST.

Despite the controversy, neither ST nor his management has come out to say something about the issue.

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