Monday, June 17, 2024

Sports administrator calls for scouting opportunities for Gambian players

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By: Dawda Baldeh

The CEO and Founder of Africa Citizen Radio Online, Mamour M Mbenga known as Kifa Barham, who is also a sports administrator, has called on football stakeholders to scout more potential football players in top professional leagues.

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Kifa Barham said the youth world cup is approaching and the Gambia needs to be at the top tier competition list.

Adding that more effort is needed to achieve a collective victory in the world of football.

He further mentioned that the Senegalese football industry is doing its utmost best to secure all competition platforms both from grass-root and senior football competitions.

Mr. Mbenga asserted that more Gambian young footballers are dreaming to play in the Senegalese league which they see as a route to their professional careers.

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Kifa, a sports administrator and football manager who owns a grass-root club, Dolphin Stars F.C., highlights the importance of football scouting and talent identification.

“We almost lost all our young talents, the likes of Lamin Jarjue and other great young players who are now playing and representing other countries and African clubs,” he said.

“I have seen another young Gambian player, Lamin Deen, who is currently playing in Italy at Napoli Under 19 youth, a regular player just to mention a few but there are many unknowns,” he added.

He urged the football stakeholders to closely partner with Sports journalists, football scouts, and coaches to invite competent professional young players to participate in the Under 20 World Cup without favouritism and biased selection.

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Additionally, the Gambia stands a better chance to be the champion of the youth world cup despite losing the final to Senegal during the recent Under 20 African Cup of Nations.

He appeals to the government, private sector, and individuals to support the process and early preparation for the upcoming league world cup.

Kifa further compliments the effort and hard work of the baby scorpions and team officials for a tremendous performance in Egypt during the Under 20 African Cup of Nations.

According to him, the central government and other stakeholders in the sports industry need to adjust their contribution and effort to make it happen for the Gambia our homeland.

He said football and sports at large contribute a huge economic growth to national development.

Additionally, that Senegal is now identified in the global sports industry because of football and other related sports activities, not politics.

Kifa called on the country’s President Adama Barrow and other tycoons to fully pledge their financial muscles for the upcoming Under 20 world Cup in Indonesia.

He said early preparation and financial aid are needed, adding that there is no football without grass-root.

He advised the young scorpions to stay focused and work hard to set the pace for a collective victory.

Kifa is a practising journalist who recently graduates among other nationalities with an Advanced Certificate Program in Football Business Management and HR at Valley View University in partnership with Linked Sports Business College in Ghana.

He is currently pursuing his training program in Football Intermediary, Football Scouting, and Talent Identification at the same University in Ghana.

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