Wednesday, July 24, 2024

Sowe Denies Allegations That Ousainou Bojang Was Beaten & Drugged By The Police Anti-Crime

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By: Alieu Jallow

Ebou Sowe, the primary witness in the Voir dire, denies the allegations made by Defense Counsel Lamin J Darboe regarding his client, Ousainou Bojang, being drugged and beaten to elicit a confession and voluntary statement during the investigation.

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Last Wednesday, Counsel Darboe asserted that Bojang, the first accused person, was subjected to beating and drugging by the Police anti-crime unit to obtain a cautionary and voluntary statement without an independent witness. This led the court to initiate a mini trial or Voir dire on those grounds.

During his testimony, Mr. Sowe refuted the allegations, stating, “During the investigations, the first accused person was never beaten nor drugged. He was never beaten before, during, and after the process.”

Another point of contention was the voluntary and cautionary statements obtained from Bojang without an independent witness. Sowe acknowledged that during the first interrogation, a statement was obtained without an independent witness, citing it as the first time of interrogations. “Yes, the first time; that was the initial interrogation,” Sowe noted.

Copies of all the statements encompass charges of murder under section 107 of the criminal code procedure, attempted murder under section 200, assault causing grievous bodily harm under section 214, and the prohibition of acts of terrorism under section 3, subsection 1c of the terrorism act.

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During cross-examination, Defense Counsel J Darboe questioned Sowe about informing Bojang of his right to be silent. Sowe objected, emphasizing, “I have always maintained in my statement that the suspect had the right not to say anything.”

The case resumes on 6th February 2024 at 2:15 PM for the continuation of cross-examination by the defense counsel.

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