By Lamin Njie

Former finance minister Amadou Sanneh has told the TRRC he was unable to walk after he was battered by a group of men at the National Intelligence Agency.

In 2013, Mr Sanneh and two other people were arrested and detained at the NIA for preparing false documents for people seeking political asylum in Europe and the United States. Sanneh was the treasurer of then opposition United Democratic Party.

Mr Sanneh on Tuesday appeared before the TRRC telling the investigation: “Normally when we hear the main gate creaking, opening our hearts slip. We know something terrible is going to happen [but] to who we don’t know. We were sleeping by the gate, that’s the hall at the entrance.

“They came for me. They were taking us one after the other. I was taken to a hall. When I arrived there, there was these people and Yankuba. They told me to remove my shirt. They started asking questions.

“Then they started slapping and beating and then all the others came in and pounced and beating everywhere. I think I almost passed out. I could not walk when they finished with me.”

Sanneh was later jailed for five years for a crime of sedition.